About Us

Who we are?


The WoodLuck workshop designs and manufactures wood and metal furniture

Our mission is to create comfortable, atmospheric, individually tailored furniture, engaging people from vulnerable populations to the manufacturing process.

Our values:

  • We create together: we have a well-coordinated team that works with the customer, so everyone feels their contribution to the end product.
  • We take responsibility: responsibility to oneself, to the client and to the society.
  • We help together: we devote some of our resources (profit, time, products) to community development.
  • We believe in people: we believe in the creative potential and the spirit strength of each person.


Natural wood furniture is always trending, it creates an atmosphere of comfort in your home or office. When we touch the wooden surface, we feel its warmth, and the natural patterns attract our eyes.


We use safe lacquers and adhesives that do not contain harmful chemicals, and we procure wood exclusively from official suppliers and do not support unauthorized logging.


The WoodLuck Social Workshop directs 10% of its income to help families in need. We also employ military personnel who have returned from ATO, as well as people recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. Our social partners: “Dobryy Susid”, “Dobro”, “Nazareth”, “Step by Step” centers.


We like loft style, which attracts by its reliability and simplicity. That is why many people like it. If you have any doubts about how a particular furniture item will fit in your home or office, our designer is always at your service.


Individual order is executed for up to 14 days


You may use our furniture for a really long time (by the way, it helps to significantly reduce the amount of waste on the planet). Simple and sophisticated design allows you to fit this furniture into any interior. In case of some damages, the furniture may be easily renewed or refurbished so you won’t have to buy new furniture in a few years. Even your grandchildren will be happy to own WoodLuck furniture.