Design and manufacture of custom furniture

WoodLuck is not just a business, it is a social business. We create comfortable, atmospheric furniture that suits the individual style, involving people from vulnerable groups. We create together, take responsibility, help together, believe in people.

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Furniture production according to customer sketch
We make furniture according to ready drawings, or according to the picture / image provided by the client.
Design and development of decor elements
Decor for home, offices, holidays: organizers, lamps, stands, candlesticks, etc.
Development of individual design
We develop the design of the room / furniture, taking into account transit zones, light and necessary communications (placement of sockets, switches, electrical appliances, etc.).
Cutting with milling machines
The robot machine cuts curved shapes out of wood so we can create unique and special furniture / decorative items just for you.
Welding of metal structures
We make metal constructions: partitions for zoning of space, ladders, racks, elements for furniture, etc.
Painting of wooden and metal elements
Coating of metal elements with powder thermal paint that they were steady against blows and scratches. Coating of wooden elements with safe varnishes, paints; toning of wood, "aging of wood", use of epoxy resin.


Woodluck offers you ready-made furniture. Stylish and practical, they will become an integral part of your interior.


We send 10% of the profit to families in need. WoodLuck was founded as a social enterprise,
so our social component is part of our DNA.


Social workshop that designs and manufactures custom furniture

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